Stop Thumb Sucking with Handaid

Stop Thumb Sucking with Handaid

Stop Thumb Sucking with Handaid

Hi, my name is Ken Stevens, inventor of the Handaid. One out of every ten children begin thumbsucking as infants and toddlers. Few children can stop thumb sucking by themselves, and many children won’t stop thumbsucking until damage has been done to the alignment of their permanent teeth.

View my Video Introduction about Thumbsucking and Handaid

View my video of how to Stop Thumb Sucking with Handaid

The Handaid has been proven to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking. The Handaid will break your child’s thumbsucking habit without impeding the use of their hands.

Feel free to visit my website, , to learn more about the Handaid. You can also view the Handaid blog at , and post comments or questions to any of the informative thumb sucking artilces I’ve written.

Thank you in advance for your business,

Ken Stevens,
Inventor of the Handaid


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  1. Mr Rassel said

    I visited Mr. Stevens website. It is a fantastic website and provides a lot of very useful thumbsucking and fingersucking information. From what I’ve seen, the Handaid appears to be the best product on the market to stop thumb sucking while still providing the child with full, unobstructed use of their hands. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning how to stop thumb sucking.

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